Caroline, 90 day 1-on-1 client

“I jumped at the opportunity when Loren mentioned she was wanting to help others lose weight by teaching us how to properly fuel our bodies with flexible dieting. I had been watching Loren’s weight loss progress for several months, and had been curious myself for a couple of years about counting macros. I had heard nothing but good things about flexible dieting, but never took the steps to figure out my own macros. Needless to say, I was very excited when Loren said she wanted to help others with a 90 day coaching plan. Not only was Loren’s plan incredibly informative, it was goal oriented by meal, and she provided several ideas of foods to eat. We have bi-weekly phone calls to discuss progress and goals, but Loren is always available and willing to answer my questions at any time. While the phone calls provide accountability, I found that giving Loren the password to my My Fitness Pal food diary really motivated me to make the best food choices I could. With Loren’s guidance and plan I have lost nearly 20 pounds in two months! On average I work out three times a week, but often times a hectic schedule doesn’t allow the opportunity to head to the gym to lift weights for several days. However, that has not stalled my progress because I now have this knowledge of what and when to eat. The beauty of it all is that I do not have to deprive myself of the foods I’ve always enjoyed eating with Loren’s plan. I am now the person that adds bacon to a cheeseburger because I know I’m adding protein and the other macros fill in nicely as well. I cannot thank Loren enough!”

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