New Year, New Goals

Have you ever set a goal that you didn't reach? I have. I've done it more times than I can count. Do you know why not reaching goals is as common as it is? Because we're not setting specific goals. I'm not going to write another long post about setting SMART goals, even though using... Continue Reading →

Diet Failure

I've failed every diet I've ever been on up until I found Flexible Dieting! Every single diet... and not because the diet didn't help me lose weight. I have lost weight every time I've tried a diet, the failure is that I haven't maintained that weight loss in the past. There are millions of people... Continue Reading →

Transformation Tuesday

If you have an Instagram account and you follow anyone with even the slightest interest in fitness, you've probably seen #TransformationTuesday posts on there. I love seeing these posts, I find transformation stories incredibly inspiring! The success of others motivates me to continue pursuing my own goals and to continue sharing my own story to... Continue Reading →

Setting Fitness Goals

When it comes to goal-setting, if you know how to set effective goals, you can apply your goal-setting skills to any area of your life. These tips will help you with setting effective goals in any area of your life. You may already be familiar with SMART goals, this is a method of setting goals... Continue Reading →

BMI and “Ideal Weight”

Every year, I see certain posts circulate back around on social media about BMI and some Ideal Weight Chart. These posts drive me crazy! First of all, why does anyone feel the need to share this type of post on their personal social media accounts? I love to promote a healthy lifestyle on both my... Continue Reading →

My Birthday… and FOOD!!

So what I love about flexible dieting is that you can actually follow the plan all the time and fit in the foods you really enjoy as long as you make it fit with your daily intake goals. This is what has allowed me to maintain this lifestyle for so long. However, it is sometimes... Continue Reading →

Body Dysmorphia

"What would you change about your appearance if you could change one thing?" I'm sure that everyone could come up with some sort of answer to this question, whether they want clear skin, fewer stretchmarks, a flat stomach, smaller hips, bigger breasts, a smaller nose, shinier hair, etc. Most of us have a couple things... Continue Reading →

Be Nice To Yourself

"You're too fat to wear that!" "You idiot! Why'd you spill your coffee all over my new shirt?" "You'll never succeed." "Stop being so weird, no one will like you." "You're just not good enough." “Why are you always so stupid?” “Eww, you look gross.” Would you be friends with someone who said these things... Continue Reading →

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