Back To School Weight Loss Challenge


I’m so excited to announce that Registration for my 8-week Back To School Weight Loss Challenge is now LIVE! Officially kicking off this Challenge on September 5, 2017!

You’ll be amazed how much your body and lifestyle can change in just 8 weeks!

Here are a few FAQs I’ve gotten regarding this challenge:
1. Is this challenge a contest? Yes, but you can choose to compete or not to compete for prizes or to just use this as an opportunity to get an 8-week workout plan and nutrition guide along with support from a Fitness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Those who choose to compete for prizes will be required to submit photos of their progress and weight to be eligible to win.

2. What does the challenge include? You will have unlimited support from Fitness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Loren Gasser via e-mail during the challenge dates (September 5- November 4; a $35 value), an 8-week exercise plan (includes at-home and gym workouts; $50 value), a nutrition guide ($15 value), and the chance to win prizes! Total value of what you get for your registration fee is $100 and that doesn’t include the cash prize for the overall winner and other prizes in other categories that will be given out!

3. Do I have to have a gym membership? No, this challenge will include work outs that can be completed at home or at a gym. The home work outs will be all body weight based strength exercises that only require some space to move around and resistance bands. The gym work outs will be primarily dumbbell strength exercises with some body weight strength exercises as well. For your registration fee, you get access to BOTH the home and gym plans.

4. Is the nutrition guide going to make me starve myself? Absolutely not! Loren Gasser Fitness does not believe in starvation or deprivation diets. The nutrition guide will teach you how to apply flexible dieting to your life so you can make a permanent lifestyle change beyond just the 8 weeks the challenge runs.

5. Do I have to send in photos? No. If you do not wish to be eligible for prizes, you do not need to submit photos. If you do wish to be eligible for prizes, you will need to submit photos showing your transformation and change in weight. Further instructions will be sent out to all participants 48 hours prior to the challenge starting.

If you’re ready to get registered, you can submit your payment via PayPal here:

Upon completion of your payment, please visit this page: to sign the participation waiver which must be signed before you can receive your challenge materials. All materials will be sent out 48 hours prior to the challenge start, but only to those who have completed payment and signed their waivers prior to September 2.

I’m really excited about this Back To School Weight Loss Challenge and I hope you are too! If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out at

I got a few more questions during the Early Bird Registration phase:

“How much does this cost?”
The cost is $60. The program and support you’ll receive is valued at $100 and that doesn’t even include the prizes!
“Is this one of those direct sales challenge groups where I have to sign up to order products through you?”
No! This is a program I designed based on my experience in transforming my own body and helping clients with their own transformations, as well as my knowledge as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
“I only have 10 lbs or less to lose, can I still participate?” and “I have a lot of weight to lose, is this program right for me?”
Yes to both! Whether you just want to lose those last few pounds and build muscle while learning how to apply a flexible diet approach to your life or jump start yourself to lose a significant amount of weight as you adjust your lifestyle, this challenge can help.

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