Hello everyone! I’m Loren – personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition enthusiast, lover of coffee and flexible dieting, mom of boys, and much more.



In my younger days, I was a cardio junkie and yo-yo dieted for years before getting married and having kids. After having my second child, I signed up for a network marketing business in the health and wellness field and thus began my interest in nutrition. I started watching documentaries about food, fitness, and supplements and tried to learn everything I could.



After years of learning a lot about health, but not really applying what I knew to my own life, I joined the YMCA to add proper exercise to my routine. I had been regularly going on long walks, but I knew I needed something more to get the body I’d always wanted. I stumbled upon a group weight lifting class and after attending religiously for months, they offered to send me to a training to become an instructor! It was the hardest, most amazing weekend I could imagine and soon after that training I started teaching classes and attending other trainings. I now hold certifications in 5 different group classes that I teach regularly every week and went on to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!

The idea of becoming a coach and working 1-on-1 with clients to improve their health has been on my mind for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently when a few people I had the opportunity to inspire in their fitness journeys told me how I had impacted them combined with my success with Flexible Dieting was the big push I needed to let go of my day job and pursue my dream!

Shorts from Summer 2016

I don’t promise overnight success, there are no “get skinny quick” or fad diet plans here. What I offer is real information based on my knowledge of scientific research into how our bodies work. I teach my clients how to make positive choices when it comes to food and fitness so they can reach their goals and continue on with a sustainable healthy lifestyle!