Diet Failure

I’ve failed every diet I’ve ever been on up until I found Flexible Dieting! Every single diet… and not because the diet didn’t help me lose weight. I have lost weight every time I’ve tried a diet, the failure is that I haven’t maintained that weight loss in the past. There are millions of people who lose weight by dieting every year, and there are also millions who don’t maintain that weight loss long-term.

Why does this happen? Because our view of dieting is all wrong! We see diets as temporary, we do the hard work for months and see awesome results and then we go right back to how we were eating before the diet. We count down the days until we’re allowed to eat a donut or pizza again. And in the end, we gain it all back, sometimes even more than we lost in the first place.

How can we change this cycle of dieting and failing? By changing our mindset about dieting! I don’t like to say I’m on a diet, I’m eating according to my goals. Goals change over time and my nutrition strategy can be adjusted based on the goals I’m working on at any given time. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, building metabolism, or just simply maintaining a healthy weight, Flexible Dieting can be applied!

Our bodies are super adaptive, so after a while in a caloric deficit it has slowed your metabolism to match how you’re eating. This is why you can’t just go from eating 1500 calories a day in a deficit to 2000 calories a day thinking that’s your maintenance level. You will likely end up with some very disappointing results and be just another statistic about diet failure.

If you want to learn more about reverse dieting or need some guidance on eating for your goals, check out my coaching programs here.

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