My Birthday… and FOOD!!

So what I love about flexible dieting is that you can actually follow the plan all the time and fit in the foods you really enjoy as long as you make it fit with your daily intake goals. This is what has allowed me to maintain this lifestyle for so long. However, it is sometimes necessary when in a caloric deficit for a while to give your metabolism a little kickstart by eating a higher calorie amount for a few days. I decided the best time to take a few days off from tracking my food intake was for my birthday!

I want to just throw in here right now before I continue that none of what I’m sharing is intended to be me bragging or showing off, I spent YEARS struggling with my weight and body image and have finally found my way out of that and want to inspire others to do the same. EVERYONE deserves to feel the way I do right now and my birthday wish is for everyone to find the way that works for them to get to this point! Now, on with what I want to share…

My weight loss has slowed down quite a bit recently, which I expected after being in a caloric deficit pretty consistently since mid-January (so about 5 months). I finally lost the last fraction of a pound to officially hit the 30 lbs down milestone, which was huge for me! So, on Saturday, we took a day trip up about 1.5 hours away for some outlet shopping and it was awesome. The last time we went up there two summers ago, it was a pretty miserable experience. I hated how I looked in everything, I didn’t like the size I was and the whole day I was really emotional and cranky. That’s how pretty much every shopping trip for the past 8 years of my life has been, especially any time I had to shop with one of my “skinny friends” or try on clothes my husband wanted me to try on (I love him, but he always picks stuff designed for really skinny 19 year olds). This time, I actually got a bunch of new stuff that I like (and in a size I haven’t worn since I was a skinny 19 year old)!

After the outlet shopping, we went to one of my favorite places to eat at when we’re out of town – Culver’s!!! I’m so grateful they haven’t put a Culver’s in Toledo, the closest ones are too far of a drive to justify going for a burger. It was awesome, I even had some cheese curds and ice cream! Continuing the birthday macro tracking break, I had a cheddar cheese brat and some cookie cake at a cookout we went to on Sunday, my mother-in-law got me the most amazing cupcakes for my birthday and I ate 6 of them over the course of 3 days, and my hubby had a Tony Packo’s hot dog and macaroni waiting for me when I got home from teaching my strength training class on Monday night (my actual birthday)!

Needless to say, I gained back a pound over the course of this little tracking break, but 1 pound isn’t going to get me down because I know my metabolism is definitely revved up now and I should see a significant loss over the next week. We’re leaving for vacation (#mamameetup2017 here we come!!!!!) in a few days and I’m hopeful that I’ll break into the 140s before we leave!

Here are some pictures of the delicious food I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of days for your viewing pleasure…

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