Be Nice To Yourself

“You’re too fat to wear that!”

“You idiot! Why’d you spill your coffee all over my new shirt?”

“You’ll never succeed.”

“Stop being so weird, no one will like you.”

“You’re just not good enough.”

“Why are you always so stupid?”

“Eww, you look gross.”

Would you be friends with someone who said these things to you? I sure wouldn’t!

Stop talking to yourself like this, it’s time to be your own best friend. Start affirming your positive traits and quit dwelling on your flaws. Make a decision when you get up every day to be grateful for all the good things about yourself and your life. Choose positivity and happiness! Tell yourself how much you unconditionally love yourself and say it often. And don’t ever tolerate that negative little voice in your head saying nasty things about you, tell that little voice to shut up… then pay yourself a compliment and get back to living your life!

None of us will ever be 100% happy with ourselves all the time, there will always be something about ourselves we want to improve upon. You can probably see flaws in your loved ones too, but do you talk to them the way you talk to yourself? NO! So, stop talking to yourself that way. The first step in loving yourself is to quit beating yourself up over every little thing! You might have a lot of work you want to do on yourself, I know I still have growing to do. I want to be a better business woman, a more patient mother, have bigger biceps and lose a few more pounds, and continue to work on being the best me I can be… BUT I love myself right now, as I am. Wanting to continue improving various aspects of your life doesn’t have to mean not loving yourself and it’s soooooooo much easier to make those positive changes when you’re your own biggest cheerleader than when you put yourself down all the time. So tell yourself how much you unconditionally love yourself today and everyday!


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