Meet Loren 

Hello everyone! I’m Loren – fitness instructor, nutrition coach, lover of coffee and IIFYM, mom of boys, and much more.

In my younger days, I was a cardio junkie and yo-yo dieted for years before getting married and having kids. After having my second child, I signed up for an MLM business from home in the health and wellness field and thus began my interest in nutrition. I started watching documentaries about food, fitness, and supplements and tried to learn everything I could.

After a while of learning a lot about nutrition, but not really applying my knowledge to my own diet, I joined the YMCA to add proper exercise to my routine. I had been regularly going on long walks, but I knew I needed something more to get the body I’d always wanted. I stumbled upon a group weight lifting class and after attending religiously for months, they offered to send me to a training to become an instructor! It was the hardest, most amazing weekend I could imagine and soon after that training I started teaching classes and attending other trainings. I now hold certifications in 5 different group classes that I teach regularly every week!

The idea of becoming a coach and working 1-on-1 with clients to improve their health has been on my mind for a long time, but this year a Christmas gift I received gave me the push to really seriously consider it and a comment from my day job boss gave me the final push to just get started! A lady who I met through one of my cycling classes gave me a Christmas gift with a card thanking me for inspiring and pushing her to keep improving. She had started attending my weight training class after I told her all the benefits of regular strength training and by Christmas she had been coming for a few months. It felt really good to know that I had helped her to challenge herself! In February, I got the great idea to get my co-workers together for a marathon relay and volunteered to run the longest leg. My boss wasn’t thrilled at first and was planning to run the shortest leg (3.1 miles). He started training and ended up running the second longest leg at 6.2 miles! In the process, he lost weight and started to feel really good physically and thanked me for that push to do it. That was the push I needed to go after my dream of 1-on-1 coaching!

Which leads me to today, I have a few clients I’m working with and enjoying the process so far. I’m looking to work with regular people to help them reach their weight goals, give them the push they need to be physically active, and gain control over their health. I don’t promise ridiculous results, I don’t believe in get thin quick schemes and fad diets, but I promise to provide you with the tools you need to make positive food choices for life!



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